Seahorse Softie

August 10, 2012

My niece just turned 7 the other day.  I can hardly STAND it.  I used to watch her when she was but a babe.  It’s hard to watch them grow, but lovely at the same time.  She’s one of my most favorite little ones, so when her mama told me she was into sea creatures theses days… especially seahorses, I thought I’d try my hand at a softie for her…despite my original softie design failures of the past.  It definitely needs some tweaking, but I was overall happy with it and she L.O.V.E.D. it, so that’s all that matters… mostly.

I do love it’s fun shape.  I just need to work on the mohawk part a bit.  I don’t like the way it lays.

I love the fun snout!  And the big ole eyes!

Ella loved it too.  I guess I’ll tweak the pattern while making her one!  I’m just excited I had semi-sucess at an original softie pattern.  Holla!!

Baby Quilt done!

August 3, 2012

So, I’ve been quilting lately again… we’ve talked about this, right?  So, I’m super excited to finally have finished a quilt!  Right!!??  It’s super satisfying and it was a nice change of pace from the big quilts for the youngins.  My friend had a baby recently and she’s been super good to me.  I mean, she’s just one of those people that you want to put in your pocket and bring out when you need a good laugh or an encouraging word.  She’s hosted many sewing classes as well, so I was so happy to get to make this for the new man in her life.  She appeared to like it, so I’m going to go with it was a hit!

These squares were super fun to make and they are really small.  Everything is cuter small in sewing.  These blocks are just 5″ squares.  So, fun, right!?  It’s finished size is about 40″ish square

I love this polka dot fabric for the binding.  It adds some character.

Would you believe I didn’t get a picture of the back!?… of course you would.  You know me too well.  It’s just one piece of fabric… nothing terribly fun, but it was a fun fabric.  You’ll just have to trust me.  I went with a simple box straight line quilting.  I think it really adds to the design.  It felt good to finish a quilt.

Show and tell is over for now!  Back the the Olympics you go!  I’ll be back later for more!


What I’ve been up to…

July 16, 2012

So, I thought a post was in order to explain what I’ve been up to… since we haven’t talked in awhile and all.  I thought you might think I had forgotten you.  I haven’t…


I’ve been to New York for my friend’s graduation…

I’ve been to Savannah for my baby brother’s engagement party because you have those now when you get engaged.  Did you know that?!  Another reason to party.  I’m all in!

I’ve been to Vegas and the Grand Canyon for a “work trip”…

I’ve celebrated my favorite holiday with these fun people… Yay, America!

We’ve “enjoyed” 105 degree days at our church’s Runner’s Camp…

And… I’ve EVEN done some sewing.  I KNOW, right!

And some secret sewing… which is ALMOST done. Yay!  For a handsome little man I know…

So SEE, I have been busy, busy, busy.  So, what’s your summertime excuse for not calling?  Not even writing?