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Organic Strawberry Jam Tutorial

So, recently we went on a “field trip” to the organic strawberry farm outside of town (you get to call that sort of thing a field trip when you homeschool… just one of those fun “perks”) and pick us some yummy strawberries.  I wasn’t sure what to do with all of those berries until I saw someone on facebook making jam.  Perfect and yummy!  And, as you will soon find out, my loves, EASY!!  Seriously!

Okay ready for this… Step one: pick yummy strawberries.

Let’s ignore how big they are getting… be still my heart.

Okay step 2: buy the really easy peasy pectin and freezer safe jars (don’t forget to wash those jars!).  I wanted the freezer kind because it uses less sugar and I wouldn’t have to do all that hard canning stuff… and… bonus… enjoy all year long!  The pectin looks like this.

The instructions are right on the back of the label, but here’s a little picture process for you so you know what it looks like.  I like looking at pictures of it all happening.  I am assuming you are just like me… aren’t we pretty cool??!!

The sugar I use is demerara.  I don’t buy white sugar anymore, so this is what I had and it worked great.  Bonus… no processed, refined sugar!

That’s what sugar should look like!  Okay, the jar says to mash your strawberries, but I don’t like chunk (unless it’s on baby thighs!), so I blended mine in a blender.

First, you sir the sugar and pectin together (check the jar of pectin for measurements because it will differ depending on how much you make at one time).  Then, add your strawberries TO the pectin/sugar mixture and stir for 3 minutes.

Oh, my gosh… yum!  Then pour into your jars.

You let it stand for 30 minutes.

And then freeze!  But, first leave one in the fridge to enjoy now.  I know right… who knew it was so easy!  I mean… I will never buy store bought again.  It is just too easy not to.  Yummy, organic, easy, wonderful, strawberry jam!  Who knew!

You are welcomed for showing you the light. Hahaha!

Love, ya’ll!

Ta for now

To Tooth Fairy or Not to Tooth Fairy…

Okay, what I want to know is how did this sweet, little, squishy, sweet smelling, chubby cheeked baby…

Turn into this handsome, strong, smart, compassionate, tender-hearted, little man…

SIX!!  Ya’ll… he’s SIX!  I can hardly stand it.

Only by the grace of God, I tell you.  God is so good to me.  He knew I needed to be a mama even when I thought I didn’t.  I mean, did I really think I could live without this face… without this heart… without this blessing…. what did I know?  Good thing God always knows better than me.  Whew.

His first touchdown… oh no, that’s not right… ummm… run?  Oh, I don’t know… I should prolly learn those things since he LOVES t-ball.  I mean, just look at that face!  Love it.

He even has lost his first tooth!  Now, the next heart wrenching question.  If I “do” the whole tooth fairy thing, do I necessarily have to turn in my theology card?  I mean, I know it isn’t in the Bible, but it’s just so fun!  And when you find cute things like this and then make this… I mean, come on!  It’s just pretend!

I know… one day I will have to break the news and tell him that I’m the tooth fairy and it will break his heart because he will think I’m a big fat lier… or that I’m really fun and cool!  I’m going with that.

Ta for now, loves!

A New Pincushion

I don’t know why I want to keep singing “Dude Looks Like a Lady” when I look at my new pincushion, but I really do.  Kinda funny!  At least to me… you… no… okay sorry… moving on!  My MIL needed a new pincushion and so I got the idea of doing a dress form and then of course I had to make one for me because who wouldn’t want one of these?

Fun right!?  I got the pattern from here and then just added my own embellishments.  The belt is actually a piece of a shirt that was in my Goodwill pile.

She looks good next to Mable don’t you think?.  She’s a fun addition.  Made any fun pincushions lately?

Ta for now!

Easter Dress Fail and some fun

I know it is way past the holiday, but things have been busy up in here!  So, please bare with me (those few of you who still stop by… I heart ya’ll so much!).  So, I attempted to make Ella’s Easter dress this year after seeing the aDORable tutorial right here.  I thought… “I could TOTALLY do that.”  Yeah, umm… not so much.  But, she’s still a cutie.  And I show this to ya’ll so you will know that I don’t always get it right.  It’s humbling…

The blurred hand is from her twirling… I do believe I have a princess on my hands.  She always wants a princess dress so she can “spin around.”  Too much!

She is such a diva!!  I love it.  Mostly, I just don’t think the top went well enough with the bottom.  I don’t mind the colors together, but the top was too loose.  I try to fix it by adding elastic to the back of the top, but it still just looks off to me.  I may try to salvage the skirt part and just make a skirt with it.  I love that fabric!

I did succeed in one Easter funness… arent’ these bunnies too cute!!?  I got the pattern from this sewing calendar I got for Christmas.  I just couldn’t not do these.

Fun right!  The seersucker material was from my grandmother in law and it was a perfect back drop for the fun ears.  The bonus was it was gender neutral enough to do just one set for the two kiddos.

And they all fall down!!

I hope you had a great Easter celebrating the risen King!  We had a blast with family and friends and a few egg hunts in there.  I’d put up pictures, but I’ve already established the Easter FAIL, so I’m not going there.

I’ve got some more fun projects to share, so PLEASE come back and invite some friends!

Ta for now!

A Little Embroidery

I am really digging some embroidery lately.  I mean really, it so stinkin cute and just plain fun!  So, when I had a little bitty baby shower to go to recently, I remembered this awesome tutorial and got to work!

I know RIGHT!!  It’s just too much.  I have to make a zillion of these things just to have around.  I skipped the pocket for the back, but I’ve done one with the pocket too and it’s just great for a gift card or something.  Too fun!  I also whipped up a little cuddle blanket to go with it.

Yay!  They look fun together don’t cha think?  The blanket was made from some soft yummy fabric I found in the scraps bin at Jo Anne’s (GASP… yup, I went there) along with some flannel found it the same scandalous bin.  I just cut them to the same size (about a yard each… 42″ish by 32″ish), sewed them right sides together using a walking foot because that yummy fabric will stretch and shift on ya!  Turn it right side out and top stitch around the whole thing closing up that hole (still using the walking foot) and VOILA!  Quick, easy, and totally cute!

So, I’m doing some MAJOR organizing of fabric right now.  I can’t wait to show you the results.  Sometimes I just go and stand in the closet and giggle it makes me so happy!  It’s not done yet (the amount of fabric I have is overwhelming!), but it’s getting there.  I am getting rid of A LOT of fabric too, so saying goodbye is hard!

Okay, that’s all for today.

Ta for now!

S’mores Quilt Take 2

Remember this quilt?  Ack!  I know.  I sewed that thing over a year ago.  Shame!  But, I did finish it finally!  AND sent it off to it’s new home with my friend’s precious wee one to be loved and cuddled on.  So, here are the finished pics.  Quilter friends… don’t look too closely.  Still a learning process for me, but I’m really loving it, so maybe there will be more in my near future.  You forget how much you love doing something sometimes until you pick it up again.  Ya, this was kinda like that.

I went with straight line quilting because… well… that’s all I know how to do!  BUT one of the quilt shops in town offers a free-motion quilting class and I REALLY want to take it.

The best thing about this quilt is all the fun textures.  Ooo, imagine laying your pretty head on that!

The back was my biggest hold up (I mean… not worth the year it took me, but none the less…) because I didn’t want it solid, but I didn’t really know what I was doing enough to do something really cool, so I went with this.  I like how it turned out though.  Some of the wood grain squares go in different directions and then the one brown square.  Added a little umph to it, ya know?  Here you can really see my straight line quilting isn’t really “straight.”  This was pre washing… post washing, you couldn’t even tell… really… well, just a little!

Don’t forget to purchase your own S’mores pattern right here!  Tell Jen I sent you.

Off to Blowing Rock for my church’s Women’s Retreat.  It’s on emotions… yikes!  Should be amazing.  Love to ya’ll!

Ta for now!

Henry or Henrietta?

Oh, I’ve missed being here in my little part of blog land, but I’ve been in FLORIDA!  It is truly where my soul lives.  I have an amazing time!!  But, alas, I still have some stuffs to show you.  I really need some advice actually!  So here it goes.  I made this adorable pincushion/softy/really cute turtle, BUT I can’t figure out if I should make the flower that goes with it.  So, the real question is… is it a Henry or a Henrietta?  You be the judge.

Blue and green… could go either way right?  I mean blue doesn’t always equal boy or maybe it does.  The green isn’t too girly, but then there is the belly.

Pink is almost always girl, but then it is more red than pink maybe.  And don’t we all have some pink.  But, maybe you need to see the tushy to make your final judgement.

Now, is that the tush of a boy or a girl?  I’m not sure, but I do know for sure that I love him/her!!  I just love little animal things.  Not sure what it is, but my daughter has these teeny tiny little stuffed animals and part of me longs for the day she doesn’t like them anymore so I can have them!  Ha!  I know, I’m not right!  Oh well.

So what do you think?  Henry or Henrietta?

Pattern by Heather Bailey by the way.  You could make your very own girl/boy.

Oh, and I’m working on getting the Minnie Mouse PDF set up today too, so look out for that!

Ta for now!

Casting Silence

Hey all!  I just wanted to say really quick that I started a new blog.  No worries… I’m sticking around here, but you can now find me over at Casting Silence too. This is a totally different blog to share my journey through the death of my son Jack and the journey to understanding who God really is through it.  I’d love for you to join me over there sometime too!

Casting Silence

I bought this painting to remind me of him and it is the back drop of the blog. You see we planted a magnolia tree in remembrance of him and then my friend painted this to raise money for to adopt… it was perfect.  It now hangs over my bed!  Isn’t it beautiful!

Ta for now!

Kindle Case

You know how I posted this tutorial ages ago?  Well, I wanted to show you how you can change it up.  Introducing the Kindle Case!  Ain’t it cute!?

So, I used the same basic formal for the iPad case.

(Short size width x  2) + seam allowance + thickness + fold for flap = X

Length + seam allowance + thickness + topstitching + wiggle room = Y

Then you have a piece that is X by Y and then add the flap like explained in the previous tutorial.  This time I decided to make a curve instead of a point.  I liked it better for this small cover.

Since my friend that I made this for is going to be doing some traveling, I thought the compasses to be fitting!

I still prefer to have a real book in my hand, but you know… if it’s your thing, then this sure is a fun way to make it all pretty!  Who knows… maybe one day I’ll break down… at least for when I travel… maybe… probably not, but maybe.

Ta for now!