Last minute gift ideas

December 22, 2009

My gift making is coming very oh so close to an end… I can even smell it.  It smells yummy and all Christmassy if you were wondering.  I can’t wait to show you everything, but that would call for a longer post and I only have a moment as my children are feeling quite neglected these days and I am hoping to spend some good quality time with them today.  My son really wants “King Burgers” for lunch… who could say no when he says it like that?

Okay, so I thought I would throw out some last minute ideas.  Each of these took me maybe one hour to finish… seriously.  And super easy too!

I bought this pattern super cheap and made this for the teachers.  Lovely.  I just added a little applique with their initial.

I made this reversible wine bottle bag for a gift exchange thingymabob with the grandparents/aunts/uncles/great grandparents Christmas.  Added some cheese to go with it and it was a much sought after gift.  You can find the pattern here.

I made these for a mom/daughter gift.  I heart these so much, I made one for me while I was at it.  I used this tutorial and just made it bigger for the adult one.  You should meander around her blog as it has some fabulous ideas.  I go there often for inspiration!

These headbands are another great last minute gift too!

Hope this inspires you to create!

Ta for now!

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