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A New Bag

August 30, 2011

So, my sweet niece turned 17 this month… I know!  Crazy.  I’m totally not old enough to have a 17 year old niece, so let’s not even go there, K?  Well, I made her this bag last year and she was due for a new one.  Home girl wears OUT her bags!  I remember seeing this bag a while back, so I decided to make her a bag based on this bag, but without using her pattern because I wanted it to have a true gusset, not be reversible, be a different size and to have pockets, so…. basically I wanted the strap to have the same adjustability but that’s about it!

So, what’dya think?




I just LOVE all the buttons!  I love that it is adjustable for wearing it like a messenger bag or like a shoulder bag.  I love the fun pockets and the fun fabric.  Isn’t this Echino fabric to DIE for!  Love that.  I just may have to make one in my size… and maybe some age appropriate fabric too.  Ha!

New Trundle Bed

August 20, 2011

Yikes… where has the month gone??  Crazy… that’s where.  It has been a super crazy month here, but hopefully routine is setting in and all will be back to normal.  One fun thing that has happened is that the two kiddos have decided they want to share a room.  Wow!  I know… kind o crazy, but it has been great AND they are nicer to each other.  Who knew?  Anyway, they totally needed a new bed to make this work, so my dear friend sold me her old trundle bed (at a STEAL, I might add) and we updated it with a good ole paint job.  With the advice from All Things Thrifty, I felt confident in my adventure!

I didn’t have a pre picture with it all put together, but you get the idea!

We primed all the pieces…

Then painted…

Added new hardware and WALLA!  I LOVE it!

Yay!  We still need to get a twin mattress for the pink one, but her old crib mattress is working for now.  What do ya think??

I love this new arrangement!  It has given us room for an office AND a dedicated sewing room/school room.  I’ll show that redo next… I also have a tutorial to share AND a fun new bag that I MIGHT do a tutorial for if anyone is interested.  So, stay tuned… fun stuff ahead!

Quick Burp Cloths-A Tutette

August 1, 2011

Everywhere I look, babies are being born!  Yay for new life and yay for sewing fun!  So, I had another baby shower to go to and I wanted something quick yet cute and fun.  I decided on burp cloths because who doesn’t need one or 50 of those with a wee one.  I remember using several every day, so it’s a gift you know they will use.  This is easy peasy too!

I bought some quality cloth diapers at the ole Target… love me some Target!  Took them home and washed them… it is VERY important to wash first and measure second.  These suckers shrink up quite a bit.  So, I washed, pressed, measured.  Also wash your fun fabric that you will use.  So, I measure the middle section at 18″ x 3.5″.  I cut my fabric to 18.5″ x 4″.  Press each side in 1/4″ and top stitch it onto the middle section of the cloth diaper.  So easy and quick!  And CUTE!

I made 2 sets of 3 burp cloths.  Tied them with some pink yarn and WA-LA!  A fun and fancy gift!  And o so practical!

I LOVE babies!!

Ta for now!