Piece number 2

February 25, 2009

Well, here it is, the official second piece (or third if you count the onesie and it’s important for me to count these things… it shows growth…ha!) of clothing ever created by moi.  


Ella's dress

I don't know why it looks fuzzy on the sight... looks fine on my computer... go figure!

I know, I know, black and white again.  No excuses… I just love the look.  Oh well.  I promise I’ll move on one day.  I used this pattern  which is another one by Habitual.  She is good for me that one.  The kimono I made was by her too.  Very easy design and construction.  Maybe it will give me some confidence to move on to something like Wondermommy’s fantastic stuff.  Oooh, one day! 


Ella dress

I think I have decided to make one of these for two of my nieces and then take lots of pictures of the three girls together.  Because as parents, that’s what we do.  We dress up our kids and try to make them look well behaved and put together so one day we can look back on those pictures and deceive remind ourselves that we were fantastic parents with the best kiddos EVER.  Oh, come on… you know you do the same thing.  Now I just have to decide if I include the boy in the pictures and if so, what do I put him in??  Haven’t made any clothes for the boy yet.  Maybe kakis  and a white shirt will have to suffice. 


Look at that over there —->  I even added clothing as a category.  Now I’m official and all that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2009

Ya’ll… I love Valentine’s Day.  My hubby is taking me and my mom out to brunch and then she is going to watch the kiddos while we go out.  I have such a great mom!  I’m excited about the day, but I am going to miss being with the kiddos.


So, I decided that Ella needed something for Valentine’s Day to wear… last minute idea, but I’m glad I did it and she is going to look great in it.  I don’t think this qualifies for my second piece of clothing, but I still like it and I might still count it.  Don’t judge me :)


Valentine's onsie

It is super easy and I foresee many more items like this in my future.  All you have to do is make a template, draw it onto the paper side of some wonder under or heat and bond or something similar to that.  Then you iron that onto the wrong side of some fabric.  Cut it out.  Iron it onto the clothing item and then stitch around it.  I chose to do a straight stitch close to the edge.  I know that means this will potentially fray some on the edges, but I’m cool with that.  I think it will look cute.  I’m no expert at this, but it was quick and cute and now my little girl has a fun shirt for Valentine’s day!  LOVE IT!


Ella's Valentine's heart


By-the-way, that is the same fabric I am using for the back of Ella’s quilt.  I love it.  It’s by Amy Butler.  Hmmm… I really like that girl!  She gets better and better in my opinion.


Well, I hope you all have a fantastic heart day!  Smooches and MUWAAH to you all.

Show and Tell

February 5, 2009

I LOVED show and tell when I was a little girl.  I would get so giddy at getting to take my favorite toy to school and show all of my friends how cool I was (or at least thought I was).  I feel like this blog is one big show and tell.  So I guess that means I feel cool everyday!  Ha!  Thanks for participating in my show in tell!


So, I got a call the other day from a wee little one saying, “Thank you for my crayons!”  Oh, how precious.  This means that the secret packaged arrived at its destination and we are given the green light to show you all my first every clothing creation.  Yay!!


Okay, first the crayon roll… 


Aria's crayon roll

It arrived full of crayons and apparently she loved it and ran straight away to get a coloring book.  New crayons are always the best.


And for the top…


Kavenna's top


Kavenna's top


Kavenna's top inside

So, it is one of those kimono style tops.  I can’t believe I did it!  Maybe now I can try other things with less fear… oh, who am I kidding… I’m still scared, but it is nice to know that if all else fails, I have these photos to remember… sigh.  Okay, I used this tutorial.  Pretty straight forward and easy to follow.  Now I just hope it holds up!


Well, on another note all together.  I don’t foresee much sewing in the next couple of days due to this book.  That’s right, I have succumbed to the dark side and serious peer pressure (can we still call it that when we are 30 years old??).  Not only did I give in, but I like it!  That’s right, I like it.  Addicted really.  I’m already on the last book and I said I’d never do it.  Oh well, we can’t win all the battles.  SO, other than finishing the bag for my brother, I don’t see much sewing in the next couple of days.  But, I’ll let you know how it goes.  


Ta, my lovely bloggers!